First Random Review A.F.R.O


Although my blog description does not state this, i scour the internet and scoop up random tracks to review. I do this without fully researching an artist’s history, discography because i honestly don’t care about anything other than the first impression. First impressions are usually all that matters right?  For all i know they could already be famous……

Lets get to it.

Currently, i’m listening to an artist by the name of A.F.R.O. whom i fell upon while searching Soundcloud’s #rap section. The song is called “Definition of a Rap Flow“.

Flow is one thing i do hear in this song. Articulation of words is a whole other story. I get so upset when i hear rappers attempt to spit fast or chop it up without nailing the most important parts of the verses. What are the most important parts of the verses you ask?

The most important parts of the verses are EVERYTHING in between the first and last words of the verse. do you agree?  i’m not sure of the type of music you’re into, but i know i like to hear EVERYTHING. I mean i can understand cutting a syllable down in order to keep the flow consistent. just don’t cut the syllables of 50 words in a row, you’ll end up sounding like you’re motor boating in between two gigantic breasts.

At 1.19 million listens on Soundcloud, i have to wonder if anyone else hears what i hear.  He’s got a strong vocal presence. A great choice of beat. As of now this is the only positive feedback i can give this artist. His sound does in fact lead me to believe that he may have something more superior in his arsenal. Good Luck – Anonymous



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