Panda Mornings



Its 8:41 a.m. somewhere on my planet. My coffee water is brewing (yes I love the instant shit). The same way I love instant satisfaction when listening to music. I hate when It takes years for a song to grow on me. Now, I know the man/woman behind the music didn’t write the damn song for me, but they could’ve kept me in mind though.

Anyway..this Morning I opened up Soundcloud once again and Noticed Desiigner “Panda” was still trending. WHY?!!!  Well, I decided to give it a thorough listen.

I get it now. People literally do not care about what’s being said in songs. As long as they can sing along to a track or in this case mumble along, they’ll love it! Don’t get me wrong, the kid has a flow  but there is no coordinated story anywhere in this song. I remember freestyling years ago when I first fell in love with music, and this is how I sounded. I was so upset because it wasn’t making sense. I wonder if Desiigner felt like this while writing this? Probably said “fuck it, the whole world Is on drugs, they won’t even notice.

The beat is in fact a dope one. the breakdowns are Macho like Randy. Desiigner’s flow is also a somewhat dope breathy mumbly  flow, but the fact still remains, the bars are completely weak. I can see someone like Tech N9ne or Twista or even Yellow Wolf murdering this track and doing it justice.

I cannot see Desiigner being around for years to come. MAYBE  another single or two. MAYBE a shit load of features during his run, but on a global level he will not be one of the legends.



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