Auto Tune, Auto Tune, Auto Tune…..

I, like a million other artists, have used auto tune in songs to generate a specific sound. There’s nothing wrong with utilizing the robotic plug-in, but EVERY SONG seems to be saturated in Auto Tune nowadays. Every Song does NOT need it!

Baby Boo by Coscullella is a song I feel does not need as much tuning as it has. Reggaeton as I remember it was naturally harmonic. It was one of the most exotic sounding genres of music I remember lending an ear to. Looney Tunes, Daddy Yanky, Tego Calderon.

Baby Boo, in MY opinion, would be 100% better with natural vocals blessing the hooks, slight tuning in the break down of (My baby boo-oo —ooo). If you have a good ear, you’ll automatically hear the change in dynamics of the song after my simple suggestion.  Other than that, I like the song. I like the way the artist nails the drops, I like conversational style delivery. I’d add it to my playlist.





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