1407255415_the_truth_83So, i was expecting to wake up this morning and find more trash flowing down my social media timelines. I was wrong.

I came across Mark Battles “The Truth“.

i have nothing negative to say about this song in particular. The delivery is there. The sincerity is there. All though in my opinion he jumps off track just a little while telling his story, the emotion he puts behind his words makes you forget he swerved to the left slightly.

What really did it for me was the video. Simple, Yet powerful visual displaying individuals wearing shirts lettered with obstacles they’ve over come. I can’t say i love the song. I like the song. I like The Choice of beat. The vibe is personal. i couldn’t ride down the street in a car full of my homies bumping this. I could however, sit home in a dimly lit room with my Ntune headphones on blast internally searching for solitude while listening to this. Trust me, thats a great thing.

good luck, Anonymous.


One thought on “Truthfully

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