Zoom, Crash…….Boom


Why must artists take a classic track and destroy it?  After listening to this i don’t even want to listen to the original Rump Shaker. After listening to this, all i wanna do is Zoom, Crash…..Boom into a brick wall made of dead rap legends. That’s how disrespectful this song makes me feel.

These new artists need to understand that remaking a classic hit requires a certain level of respect, skill, and understanding of old school hip hop. They need to know how to embody the culture of this beautiful craft. I see or hear none of that in this song. This artist’s soundcloud doesn’t even pay homage to Wreckx-N-Effect. First things first, you pay homage to the artist you borrowed the idea from.

Now,  the lyrical content OVERALL is average. The second verse and the adlibs over the hook are the best thing about this song. They are the only two things that allowed me to appreciate anything about this remake at all. If i was apart of this creation, i would’ve let the second rapper go first. PERIOD!  The second emcee nails damn near every pocket, and also emphasizes in the necessary areas. The head rapper has some potential strong points but every time i thought he was gonna take me on a ride, he pulled over quickly and kicked me out of the Uber.


Good luck – anonymous






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