Hello? Almost Goodbye?


So ironically enough, I was walking around my kitchen last night singing Adele’s Hello. I was purposely fucking the notes up, in an attempt to imitate a “wanna be” singer. I succeeded.

Now fast forward to…..RIGHT NOW!

Whats the first song i see in my Soundcloud search?

“Adele Hello Cover” by A South. I had to check it out, naturally because, I thought it was a sign of some sort.

I press play, the beat rolls in nice and smooth. The voice follows suit. Is this Drake? I listen on. The auto tune is used correctly. Ok. The lyrics continue spewing. Did Wiz Khalifa just hop on the track?  Confusion began to set in, yet, I was still stuck waiting to hear the hook bang through my headphones. I began to hear notes similar to Fetty Wap’s.  My bottom lip tightens up. I’m almost ready to say Goodbye. And then it happens……. THE HOOK!!

The hook brought this cover all together. The fluent changes in cadences, and similarities to the mentioned artists throughout the verse threw me off for a second. I was expecting a consistent flow. The cover was too short to have so many switch ups.

But….When the hook came blasting through the mix, everything else was forgotten. Although the hook sounds a little like Linkn Park, IT WORKS!!!  Over all i can say I Enjoyed this Cover


One thought on “Hello? Almost Goodbye?

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