The Flawless Doctor

Royplv7wAfter writing my review on Austin Awake  yesterday, I shuffled trough a few videos on Youtube. I was actually searching for videos on government conspiracy theories. Somehow, Flawless “Doctor” made its way into my search results. I decided to watch.

From the door, I knew the concept was unoriginal, but hey, is anything completely original anymore?

The music industry is saturated with clones and wannabe legends, which is fine, because we all know we’ll never stop listening to music, so there’s no use in complaining.

Anyway, I press play and brace myself for another typical low budget visual. I was wrong. The quality was surprisingly above average. I like it already. I Immediately decipher the hidden message in plain site. Different skin colors representing the diversity in music. It was genius to have a white man play hip hop. Fuck what you think. IT WAS GENIUS ON A FEW DIFFERENT LEVELS!

As far as the lyrical content is concerned, I feel this emcee didn’t quite unleash all of his potential on this track. I feel like he could’ve left the names of the legendary hip hop figures out of the mix. THAT WOULD’VE MADE THIS RECYCLED CONCEPT AS CLOSE TO PERFECT AS IT COULD GET, and that’s only because every song called “Doctor” that  i have ever listened to follows the same story line.

To summarize this, I would like to say I can see myself  becoming a future fan of  Flawless. I will continue to follow his work from time to time. I feel he has way more to offer. I also feel he may be able to boost his success tri-fold if he’d only choose the right concepts and become an alchemist rather than a doctor. Leave the doctoring for the amateurs. We veterans are ALCHEMISTS!


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