Mumbled to Death


Rap? Hip Hop? Mumble Rap?

I know I maybe a little late on pressing this issue. Its mainly because I believe everyone has the freedom to express themselves in what ever manner they so choose. BUT!!!  Does anyone else feel like they’re being mumbled to death?

I never would’ve imagined in millions of years that mumbling would become an art form that would allow a man/woman to become famous! Famous Rappers at that!

The mainstream  music industry clearly has no standards anymore. They deny exceptionally talented artists a chance at the big time, and instead pay hundreds of thousands to basic, below average artists who have no clue as to how to even write a starter bar.

And the fans fall into this trance of fame. What is  a trance of fame you ask?  A trance of fame is when people believe something is great only because the individual behind the creation has become famous. So basically because an artist has become famous, Shit now looks like gold!

Again, this is my personal opinion. Everyone has the right to like what they wish, even the veteran artists. But, they too have helped the mumble fucks climb to even higher levels of fame by featuring on songs and lowering their own standards and level of skill all for the sake of staying relevant in this new age of music.

Someone please tell me where the real skill of writing and rhyming lies within mumble rap?   There needs to be a way to separate these mumble fucks from the hip hop genre.



How the fuck did Lil Yachty land a SPRITE endorsement?.




One thought on “Mumbled to Death

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