I personally have never been one to dive into the fashion hype. I mean I literally used to grab whatever off the racks, throw it on and call it an outfit. YOU DID THAT SHIT TOO! don’t judge me!        FB_IMG_1481641243925_1484241642574.jpg

Check this though. I came across one of THEE DOPEST FASHION DESIGNERS AROUND. Dahsar By Rashad!  After scrolling through his design catalog, I see no better way to describe this creative genius other than…..THE NEW POWERHOUSE OF FASHION!


International fashion designer and celebrity wardrobe stylist Rashad Calhoun CEO  of the EXPLOSIVE BRAND DAHSAR BY RASHAD, has made such an impact in the fashion industry so swiftly that he immediately grabbed the attention of an army of superstar clientele!


You can see superstar divas, Diamond Strawberry, Mariah Lynn, Major Galore…all of Love and Hip Hop New York wearin Dahsar By Rashad. The list goes deeper! I’m talking Rain Pryor, RnB diva Syleena Johnson, Barbie Marshall of Hell’s Kitchen season 10, Mike of Day 26, Rondae Hollis Jefferson of the Brooklyn Nets, Rap sensation Charlie Baltimore, and many more!


I love the fact that Dahsar compliments women and men of all shapes and sizes. That’s extremely important in the fashion world. In my opinion Dahsar by Rashad  puts to rest the myth that an individual has to starve themselves in order to fit into glamorous attire and feel comfortable in their own skin.

So, although this is a music blog, I will continue to follow and support this man in his ventures! Good Luck – Anon Rap Critic

Dahsar By Rashad Contact info

Twitter – @DahsarByRashad

Facebook – @rizzdahsarcalhoun

Instagram – @dahsarbyrashad





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