The Armageddon of the Independent Artist



I think we can all agree that radio is playing the most garbage music in the history of radio. Mumble Rap is the topic of discussion now. No longer can the conscious rapper be conscious and successful at the same damn time. Who wants to listen to an emcee speak of the situations that are really plaguing our societies?  Who wants to hear the true feelings of someone overcoming suicidal thoughts cadenced miraculously over an immaculate beat? The answer seems to be, no one!

Radio used to be an indie artist’s best friend, a line of inspiration for new material.  Radio used to be our escape from reality. This game of musical politics has destroyed our escape. Now it’s about the dollar bill: who has enough money to buy spins? Fuck how talented an artist is, fuck the number of supporters an artist has. Who can pay like they weigh?

I’m not saying a radio station doesn’t have the right to charge for a slot because, it is in fact, a business right? All I’m saying is they should keep in mind the wants of the listeners, the talent being delivered through our speakers. Radio has brought forth the Armageddon of the independent artist.

Sites like Spotify, Rhapsody, RadioAirplay, and numerous others allow indie artists to upload their sounds and receive payment for spins. That’s all good, but artists still have to pay like they weigh here as well. There’s blockage everywhere! Fireballs falling from a musical sky destroying the very inspiration that created it.

So, I’ve come to the conclusion that radio is simply over rated now. They need the artist more than the artist needs them. With all the money an artists spends on radio spins, they could invest in other promotional techniques that would allow them to make bigger and better returns. Cd’s and flash drives with their best work are two examples. Yeah Yeah I know, no one really listens to Cd’s anymore but guess what, you hand a man a free CD, he’s gonna listen to it! You can sell flash drives directly to fans after shows, with your top ten songs, best videos, interviews and biography. You’ve given your new fan a piece of your life in the palm of their hand.


What’s my point? Fuck radio and move your sounds the old school way. Direct to Consumer! Let’s resurrect the independent artist!






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