Rappers Over 30? Part 1

Unsigned rappers over 30, destined and determined to succeed, or guaranteed to fail?

Apparently many believe a rapper who hasn’t signed a major deal by 30 is wasting their time and will most likely end up pushing burgers for the rest of their lives. The exact words I’ve read on many Facebook and Twitter posts are “these niggas like 30 years old chasing record deals Foh (Fuck outta here) go to school”, “bro if y’all putting out mixtapes at 40 years old, y’all priorities fucked up”, “I can’t take a man serious if he’s like 35 still going to the studio at 1 a.m., I want a man with a degree”. It sounds like they are subliminally suggesting that they are BETTER THAN the non degree chasers. Oh well. 

That’s all good, everyone is entitled to their opinions right?  Right! But, these words do not tend to be viewed as opinions. The individuals blurting these statements out of their mouths, see it as fact and only fact! 

So, who is saying this? Ahhhhh. I’m glad you asked. The women out getting nursing degrees, the men chasing that associates in hospitality, the man with the bachelor’s degree who still hasn’t landed a major position at a major company after one million years of education from an ivy league school. 

What’s the problem? Well, the problem is these people obviously have no idea that most of their favorite artists did not break into mainstream until their 30’s. The same way most individuals with a degree don’t break into their careers until they’re almost forty. So to speak upon another individual’s choice in direction in life, whether it be fact or opinion, to me, is insane.  

On another note, some artists are not chasing a recording contract, they make music because they have a solidified passion. They just want to make music and share it with the world. The love they put into developing their craft is investment and payment enough for some. 

Some artists want a direct to consumer relationship. Meaning they don’t want the prefabricated fame and fortune a record label can give them. They want to be paid without the middle man stealing a piece of the pie. They may have loads of cash made from direct to consumer music sales stashed in a safe offshore account and you’d never know it. 

Of course we have the dreamers who don’t want to educate themselves on the business of selling music. They think success is overnight. Usually these are the egotistical type who believe no other artist has got shit on them. Who knows. They may get lucky.

Back to the primary discussion. Rappers over 30. Is there now an age limit placed upon rappers? Is there a reason why anyone should be concerned with what these rappers are doing? If you’re one of the people chasing college degrees until your well into your 50’s, should you be judged, criticized, made to feel like the dream you’ve been chasing was just that, a dream? Should you be told by a public who knows nothing about why you’ve chosen a particular path, that you NEED TO TAKE ANOTHER ROUTE IN LIFE? ITS YOUR LIFE!

It seems to me that no one person can simply wake up in the morning, take a deep breath and enjoy their day. Because, by the standards of modern society we are not allowed to be happy or successful in any venture ,whether it be school or music, until we have loads of money, big cars, homes and businesses. 

A rapper is not considered successful on any level at any age unless they have another man putting money in their pocket and then taking a larger percentage of this money back to cover the costs of recording, travel, legal fees etc. This is what a contracted rapper over or under 30 has to go through if they so choose this path. Sounds like a student loan case to me. 

Anyway, I can get more into specifics, which I will do in part 2. Until then, ask yourself if you’re too old to be doing what you’re doing. Then ask yourself who determined this to be fact.  



6 thoughts on “Rappers Over 30? Part 1

  1. This is the second post I’ve read today that talks about age. Ageism is a foolish concept in the world of ‘artistry’ per se. I mean, when we delight in the work of painters, sculptors, photographers, sketch artists, potters, photographers, etc., age is not a factor, yet when it relates to music it is. I don’t get it. Great article of yours and definitely thought-provoking.

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    • Thank you for reading and commenting. After being involved with music for 17 years, aside from how much money an artist makes, I believe this is in the top 5 list of issues concerning growing artists.

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      • Right now this is my only blog, as i still create my own music and run a small digital distribution operation on top of taking care of kids and a pregnant fiance and working a regular job. This is all I can really make time for. as soon as I am back home I will check your blog out. Maybe we can collaborate on a blog post based on our experiences

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      • Heck, that sounds like a lot of juggling, and it’s super you even making the time for a blog. I work and write and record songs. I like writing words, whether for songs or otherwise and deeply care about the creative process and the business tools indie musicians have to learn. Perhaps we could collaborate on something we both care about re: the music industry and our artistry :-).

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