A Musician’s Heart

All to often I hear the words “real” and “fake” thrown around in the music industry. Especially in the hip hop community. It’s almost as if an artist is not allowed, by some wicked unwritten law, to make music or speak of certain instances or situations unless they have experienced it physically first hand. That’s the real. 

If, by some twist of muscial fate, an artist releases a hit song filled with content said artist has not experienced first hand, well then that’s the fake. Or is it? 

Question: if you, a rapper, commit a murder and then release a song about this murder, are you real?

If you, a rapper hear about a murder, and the story strikes a chord within you, inspiring  you to write and release a song about this murder, are you fake?

What if someone close to you was murdered? Would releasing a song about that be real/fake?

In my opinion, The Musician’s heart knows best. It is true that the fans play a big part in making songs successful, the same way voters make a presidency go this way or that way. But if it weren’t for the idea that you had to be a CERTAIN type of rapper, or singer or poet, would  it matter if the heart of a musician was real or fake? Would the world not just lay back and enjoy an entertaining story? When we go to the movies and spend $11.50 to watch these actors act, what are we watching? Are we watching Realness? Or, are we watching people who professionally immitate characters in order to bring a story together? Is some music not the same? 

When did credibility become a means to destroy the passion flowing from a musicians heart? Let’s not get too technical. Let’s read this with an open mind. 

If you are a musician reading this. Know that I respect the musicians heart more than I respect the need for someone to prove the credibility behind the story. It would be nice to hear true tales laid over rhythms once more, but if your heart says “talk about biscuits” and you release a great song about biscuits. I respect that! 



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