Give Hip-Hop to the New Breeds?

“Hip Hop is dead”, “These new niggas are fuckin the game up”, “These old niggas need to chill”.

These are few things I’ve heard recently and quite repetitively and consistently on a daily basis. The primary argument is now that Mumble Rap has taken over and its killing Hip-Hop, right?  in 2008 it was the Bubble Gum rappers like Lil Wayne and the Young Money Camp that were “fucking up the game”. But wait a minute! How is it that everyone who is being accused of “Killing Hip-hop” are ever so successful?


Who is the real culprit behind the death of Hip-Hop? Is it the new producers, rappers, writers, singers, for all wanting to innovate, incorporate and solidify their names in stone according to the evolution of the times and technology? Or are the people behind the slow death of Hip-Hop the ones who beg for the old school to remain in the forefront. The ones who don’t like change! The ones who believe Eazy-E is still the God of Gangster Rap? Maybe its the media heads with pockets full of cash paying the way for artists to become idols!


I don’t know, maybe this is just a non-acceptance of the evolution of Hip-Hop? The red headed step children of Mother Rap are causing such a ruckus! The new young artists are calling the veterans “irrelevant” because the times have changed.  The veterans usually respond with “Write a real song”! Which, to me, is a very powerful and relevant statement. That’s a whole other blog post though.

I need feedback, should Hip-Hop be given to the new breeds?

Has Hip-Hop been TAKEN by the Yachtys, and Uzis, and 21 savage types?

Is there room in the industry for the veterans and new recruits to set aside the generations of differences and resurrect Mother Rap?

What can be done to unite the generations of Hip-Hop?


Twitter – AnonRapCritic



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